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Unmatched quality, customized aluminum boats (5.8m-12m). Ideal for fishermen, commercial use, and adventurous families. Explore our craftsmanship and durability. Create your dream boat. 
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Experience the thrill of Kiwi boating with our handcrafted boats. Ride in style and make memories that last.

Welcome to Image Boats: Unleashing the Kiwi Spirit on the water! As one of New Zealand’s leading Boat Builders, we are driven by a commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of adventure. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the South Island and the spirit of the Kiwi people, our skilled artisans and engineers pour their passion into every boat we create. With meticulous design and construction using the finest materials, our fleet embodies strength, style, and the freedom to explore the open waters. Join us on our journey as we push the boundaries of what’s possible on the water, creating unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

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“SeaStar” an Image designed and built 10.5m CruiseMaster. We are so very proud to have played our small part in Bill’s expedition as he continued his search for the sunken wreck of the “General Grant”. The “General Grant” was lost to the sea in 1866 on it’s journey from Melbourne to London towards the end of the Australian Gold Rush. “SeaStar” an Image 10.5m CruiseMaster, powered by Twin 200hp Oxe Diesel outboards, was loaded onto a 39m catamaran, the “Mother Ship”, to travel to the Auckland Islands. Once safely there “SeaStar” was used to tow the pulse magnetometer with hopes that this new piece of technology could have finally solved the mystery of the whereabouts of the “General Grant” but, alas, the mystery continues …

Tailored builds, everytime!

Image Boats offers everything 
for your boat under one roof

Complete design and build services

Full customisation of designs to your exact requirements

A complete, entirely in-house service

Custom built boat trailers to transport your vessel

Boating supplies and equipment in our retail store

Servicing by our experienced Marine Technician

Unmatched Finishing


What truly makes sets Imagine Boats apart is our passion for creating boats with interiors that are all about comfort and personal style. Our dedication to work closely with each customer, we make sure every detail resonates with your preferences, creating an experience that’s both down-to-earth and upscale, leaving other competitors in our wake.

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