Image Boats Ltd is an Invercargill based company that has grown from humble beginnings into a major player in the alloy boat industry.What started in 2000 as a vision by Managing Director Dean Wilkes, has grown from a one man band based in his back yard into the success story they are today.

Much more than just a standardised assembly line, every boat that Image Boats produces is custom made to be highly personalised to the specific requirements of each customer. With nearly 150 builds behind them now, they know the formula is right!

Image Boats offers everything for your boat under one roof:

  • Complete design and build services
  • Full customisation of our designs to your exact requirements
  • A complete, entirely in-house service
  • Custom built boat trailers to transport your vessel
  • Boating supplies and equipment in our retail store
  • Servicing by our Marine Technician who has 25 years’ experience in the marine industry

We also contract in an Auto Electrician, Upholsterer and Plumber to ensure that you don’t need to deal with several different suppliers.We take care of all the details so you can focus on finding the perfect fishing locations!

Throughout the design and build process, Dean builds a special relationship with his clients, working closely with them to construct a custom boat that reflects the clients wants and needs.The lines of communication are open throughout every stage of the build through email, photos, phone calls and meetings.

Our proven hull designs carry a six year warranty as your guarantee of quality, and are stable for even the roughest of seas – as proven time and time again on the notorious Foveaux Strait! We won’t be beaten on ride quality or value for money.

Since moving our factory to the same location as Pleasure and Marine, our retail shop, we can also provide clients with any of the accessories or equipment they might need to fully outfit their new vessel.

Dean, Stacey and the team know that the boats we build are not only floating holiday homes as well as the perfect fishing platform, they are often a lifelong dream come true. Comfort and safety go hand in hand here at Image Boats. If you want to see your dreams become a reality, don’t hesitate to contact us today.